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Medical supplies meet the transformational age

epimedical produces bone plates, screws, and other medical supplies and appliances to help patients recover fast. Usually, these procedures involve broken bones, blood, and other things that aren’t exactly visually appealing.

RenderThat developed a digitisation workflow that was quick and easy to set up. This allowed epimedical to create content for documents which were filed to the authorities to get approval for medical supplies.

01 – Issue

It was important for the products to be shown in a visually appealing and easily understandable way. Also, because the bone plates, screws, and other medical tools were being sold to surgeons, it was crucial that they were visualised perfectly. Every texture needed to be scanned to appear as it was in reality, since different colours, grades, and surface textures represent different features.

02 – Solution

We scanned all the textures directly from the original product, placing products under multiple lighting settings to understand how the surfaces behaved in different conditions.

Once this was done, we were able to create highly detailed and photorealistic visualisations showing the products in different environments, such as:

  • Factual images
  • Products placed on human body parts
  • Visualising the products in application instructions

03 – Impact

The result of this collaboration was a fully digitally produced product catalogue, authority-approved documents, and marketing content. In all these, each product detail is represented as it is in reality.

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