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KüchenAktuell is Germany’s biggest kitchen studio with stores across the country. It sells over 30 000 kitchens every year and has more than 20 years of experience.

Kitchens are getting more complicated and include lots of invisible technology. While this is a good thing, customers want to see the technology they’re paying for. RenderThat developed a new digital PoS concept for all KüchenAktuell stores, allowing customers to explore kitchens and all the USPs alone or with a sales rep.

01 – Issue

Real estate in stores is valuable, and usually reserved for products that are being sold. We also had to find a way to deal with different store locations, different architecture, and lighting settings. It was crucial to communicate on a variety of topics in a way that was engaging and easy-to-understand.

02 – Solution

We developed the ‘Magic Wall’. This is an interactive display that can be placed on every wall within the store. It uses motion detectors to recognise approaching customers and open an interaction with them. The wall welcomes the customer and introduces them to the features, so they can explore all the topics by themselves.

The Magic Wall is a centralised controlled and distributed system, and is updated automatically in all locations. Auto- startup and shutdown features mean staff don’t require training. The Magic Wall connects the online and offline stores to improve customer experience and engagement.

03 – Impact

Customers are able to learn about the products by themselves and build interest. This allows sales reps to concentrate better and spend more time on customers, who are already informed about all the features and USPs of products.

What’s more, customers can see appealing content and the kitchen stores’ marketing departments can easily update content, launch new campaigns, and track analytics and usage stats.

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