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All over the world, Miele is synonymous with high quality and comfort. Promoting these standards in all target countries requires lots of individual content with products that update regularly. RenderThat supported Miele by updating language- and country-specific details and updating products within tight budget constraints.

01 – Issue

Creating thousands of images using computer generated imagery (CGI) and/or photo shooting requires a great deal of planning and reliable workflows. Creating country-specific content adds another layer of complexity and a whole new set of challenges. What’s more, although products may regularly update, deadline constraints often don’t allow enough time to set up new photo shoots.

02 – Solution

RenderThat worked with Miele, providing high-end CGI production quality in alignment with Miele’s internal workflows. Complex 3D models had to be reduced in level of detail (LOD) so that they would be suitable for the 3D workflow and could be implemented in existing photos. At the same time, language-specific labels had to be updated.


03 – Impact

Miele was able to use the same images in multiple countries, retaining their image language and ensuring brand recognition.

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