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Phoenix Contact

Corporate representation

Phoenix Contact is the type of company whose products everyone comes into contact with every day, without even realising. RenderThat supported Phoenix Contact by developing a lasting visual content language to ensure recognition.

01 – Issue

Representing hundreds of products in every possible situation requires some careful consideration. It’s important to get it right when it comes to image quality, colour spectrum, and more. We also needed to find an easy way to collaborate between different departments and ensure feedback could be transferred correctly from product development to content production. Finally, we needed to create a tool for ordering and setting up new content.

02 – Solution

A centralised database with attached artificial intelligence makes it easier to search for files. This way, file searching isn’t limited to file names only; it’s also possible to look for content within the files. This solution improved image ordering and setup, and allowed all departments to participate in the process seamlessly.

The outcomes of content production are,
to mention just a few:

  • 37.00 × 2.40 m backlit landscape screen showing dozens of products in every possible urban situation
  • Multi-Media and cross-platform screens
  • Case studies and prototyping content

03 – Impact

Phoenix Contact is now able to create lasting content, ensuring recognition for years to come. The process of ordering and creating images has improved in terms of time and budget. Furthermore, it was possible to set electrical appliances correctly in different virtual situations for content production.

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