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Recticel Schlafkomfort GmbH

Synchronised Prototyping & Content-Production

Before someone can sleep peacefully on a bed, the bed and mattress have to follow a long path of development and production. Recticel Schlafkomfort GmbH (Schlaraffia) are masters of this process, having worked to develop beds that stand out from the crowd by closely thinking through every detail.

RenderThat worked with Recticel to introduce a scalable workflow, making it possible to create high-end content featuring beds and mattresses, in sync with development of the products.

01 – Issue

New products are constantly being developed under serious time pressure. It’s vital to co-ordinate suppliers and ensure everything is in place on time. Every day, thousands of decisions must be made, reviewed and changed in order to create the very best mattresses and beds.

At the same time, a variety of deadlines (trade shows, PR events, TV and social media campaigns etc.) are set — and cannot be changed. These events require a variety of content alongside the actual product. However, creating this content after the products are complete simply isn’t an option, as every spare minute must be invested in creating the very best mattresses and beds.

02 – Solution

To solve the issues, we designed and established a synchronised content production workflow with a high level of flexibility and links between different departments (marketing, development, and public relations).
The process includes both agile and rigid components for all three of the following stages:

  • Planning
  • Production (initial setup and continued content updates based on product developments)
  • Implementation

Standardised information snippets for materials, seam styles, and bed and mattress components make it easy for content production to start when the product does. A centralised database containing textures and components helps support the flow and exchange of data.

03 – Impact

Thanks to the individualised process and streamlined workflow the content production can be completed before the actual product is finished. This way we helped decrease the cost of production while increasing the speed to market.

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