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Are you a freelancer
working in a creative field?

RenderThat Creatives brings you
together with clients that fit.

We are your access to exciting challenges at companies that need your expertise. In the digital world, creative talents like you are in higher demand than ever before.
Do you want to work on innovative projects and prove your talent? As part of our freelancer community, you will build a valuable network, receive long-term support and constantly improve your skills over time.

Send us your portfolio via email or apply via the contact form!
Our talent scouts will assess your application and get back to you asap.

Freelancers at RenderThat Creatives already supported:

Your benefits

Top jobs for motivated creative talents.

Work on projects for which you make the difference. Your skills are needed, and you can apply them in very specific circumstances.

Time to make the most of your time.

Your time is precious – use it for your actual work instead of lengthy job searches and bureaucratic struggles. Finding a job via RenderThat Creatives is as simple as it gets.

Build and extend your network.

As a bridge between freelancers and companies, RenderThat Creatives maintains valuable contacts on both sides. This will benefit your own network, since good work rarely goes unnoticed.

Long-term talent support and collaboration.

RenderThat Creatives does not simply place you. You’ll receive long-term support, tailored to your individual talents and goals.

Types of employment

There are three types of employments for freelancers at RenderThat Creatives. They are flexible solutions suited for different types of projects and ensure optimal collaboration between you and your employer.

RenderThat Creatives pays all freelancer bills within three days of invoice receipt. We pay you independently from our clients’ payment targets.


You work as a freelancer on a certain project and receive your payment after successful completion. For longer projects, you will receive periodical milestone payments.


You and your employer agree on a fixed number of hours per week or month. We will bill these hours monthly.

For a good cause

You can also use your talent for a good cause. We will keep you posted on unpaid, non-profit projects that would benefit from your expertise.

Your talent is in great demand.
RenderThat Creatives shows you where.

Feel free to contact us!


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